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I purchased a leather sofa and loveseat for over two thousand in July 2015 and just noticed thstvthe love seat is worn on one of the cushions had only 15 months call Jordans and was told warrenty is up and must be i didnt condition it 4 times in the last year i think its the quality and they dont stand behind it never shop there again waste of money nit happy at all

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Please quit defaming the Boston accent, with that ridiculous overly pathetic rendition spoken by whoever the *** the dude is, on your commercials. Thank you.

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I bought a bedroom set and paid 2k Zara to get one made in USA. Turned out it was made in Vietnam ,they told me it was my job to read the fine print regardless of what their salespeople say

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Jordans Furniture - Stay Away from *** products and extra Warranty
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I bought a living room bonded leather set for $3500 and they sold me a 5-year protection program which the salesman from the Jordan's store said it will cover absolutely anything. 2 years and 3 months in I started noticing cracks on the back cushions. I called the warranty company and after waiting 25 minutes on the line because I had more than 15 people in front of me, I was told that the warranty does not cover this type of issue and that I... Read more

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I will never ever shop at Jordan's again. I recently bought my Sealy mattress and box spring. The mattress ended up being too hard. After only one week, my back was in pain and told them I wanted to re-select. They charged me $160 to re-select. After only 1 month I have noticed that my bed is making squeaking noises (like an old bed). We inspected the box spring and we noticed that it's not a Sealy one, it's not even a real box spring, it's a... Read more

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I brought. A living room. Suit. from. Jordan. Furniture. In2010. Now. It peels. An make. Me itches

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I bought a complete room of furniture 2 years ago and the cushions on the Love Seat have become so compressed, that it is no longer comfortable to sit on. When I purchased the furniture, I bought the 5 year extended warranty on the furniture. I was told by the customer service rep that the insurance only covers accidental damage. I guess poor quality and workmanship is not covered. Jordan’s customer service refused to do anything shifting blame... Read more

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I need to start by stating that we ALWAYS buy the extended service guaranteee with expensive furniture. We bought a high end leather sofa from Jordan's Furniture in Avon MA 2 years ago. Within 8 months the front of this sofa literally began to fall off the frame & hang in the front. The excuse we were repeatedly told was that the sofa was failing due to it having been constructed in Italy it was not condusive to our climate. After 4 months... Read more

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